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        Albert Lockable Caster Wheels – Mounting guide

        In the package:

        - 4 caster wheels with mounting screw and nuts
        - 8,5 mm drill-bit
        - Tool to hold the nuts when mounting

        Please follow the steps in the pictures below:




        Take of the plastic cover on the end of each stand leg


        Drill holes for the caster screw (if the hole not there from before). Use the attached tool with the small hole mark to find the center for drilling the hole.
        (Make sure to center the hole so the nut tool match)




        Put the nut in the tool and enter the caster screw




        Use a (13 mm) and tighten the nut when holding the tool on the inside of the metal-leg bar





        Put back the plastic cover (upside down as the previous position)




        Put the caster wheel in position and press it to it click in place





        Ready to go. You also have a lock/release function on each caster


         Fit all versions of the Albert Stand