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        What you find in the box

        1.Steering part with motors and rod attachment

        2.Counter part with rod attachment

        3.Adapter for metal bar extension

        4.Metal bars, 2x30 cm + 2x40 cm

        5.USB C to USB power cord for USB wall or adapter connection

        How to setup the frame

        A. Decide which rod size (3x3 cm square end size) you want to use (20-100 cm length)

        B. Start with part no. 1, lay it on a flat table so you easily could connect to your fabric rods. 

        C. Enter attached screws with a couple of turns in part 1,2 and 3.

        D. Place part 2. on the other side of your rods and loosely connect the top bare with the choice of metal bars and adapter (no. 3 and 4) as shown here:


        E. Remember to pick the attached square metal bar lengths (and adapter if needed) that fit to the length of your setup.

        Note  You need to push the square metal bar(s) into parts 1,2 and 3 min. 6 cm
        to get a stable connection.

        F. Press part 1 and 2 together when the now loosely connected top bar
        should be balanced to secure the screws get god connection to the metal.

        G. In the same operation connect the rods into the part 1 first and the other end into part 2 at the same time you press it all together and tighten the screws

        Before you tighten the large top bar screws so the frame feels tight and stable, push the frame together and then drag it ca. 1 cm out again before tighten the screws. (To give the rods better automatic adjustment).





        Put your rods with fabric into your stand or your preferred solution. We prefer to use two solid stands, one on each side or other solid stands. Other setup could also work but remember the frame not the lightest (from 3,7 kg ex. rods) and up. 


        The frame is very stable but need a good stand.


        H. Then take the USB cord (Part 5) and connect to the side USB-C connector on the side of part 1. (Beside the ordinary USB connector)

        I.Take the other end and connect to a USB adapter with max
        output on 2.1 Amp. (not included, but most homes have this already available either as separate adapters you buy in your daily store or you already have it 
        installed in your house.) Also note that you could use an USB load bank also
        if you want to use the frame outside your home or away from an electricity plug.

        J. If you want to change to another rod length, just repeat the steps with longer/shorter square metal bars and extention adapter.


        Easy to assemble in a few minutes


        • Just take a part your existing frame
        • Put the rods in to the motor bar Part 1
        • Select the suitable bar size (and adapter, Part 3 if required)
        • Put the counter part of the rods into Part 2 and there after tighten the metal bars connections at the top
        • Make sure the metal bars are min. 6 cm in to the other part.


        Operating the Albert frame 




        From 20 cm fabric and up...

                                                 20 cm example

                                              100 cm example

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