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        Albert Frame & Stand Manual  

        NEW GUIDE 2023: http://youtu.be/YuMY-9jfU2A

        The Albert Frame part:

        1.Steering part with motors and rod attachment

        2.Counterpart for operating, with rod attachments

        3.Adapter for metal bar extension and connection for Albert Stand
           (Now with the same new no.8 tilt and sideways adapter showed in the Stand
             overview further down)

        4.Metal bars, 2x30 cm + 2x50 cm

        5.USB C to USB power cord for USB A wall or adapter connection

        How to assembel the frame

        A. Decide which rod size (3x3 cm square end size) you want to use (50+ cm length)

        B. Start with part 1 by laying it on a flat table, so you can easily connect your fabric rods. 

        C. Enter attached tightening screws with a couple of turns in part 1,2 and 3 (No. 8 in the Stand overview).

        D. Place part 2 on the other side of your rods and connect the top bar loosely with the choice of metal bars and adapter 3 (8 in the Stand overview) and 4, as shown here:


        E. Remember to pick the attached square metal bar lengths (and adapter if needed) that fit to the length of your setup.

        You need to push the square metal bar(s) into parts 1,2 and 3 (8 in the Stand overview). Min. 6 cm to get a stable connection.


        F. Press part 1 and 2 together when the now loosely connected top bar is in place between them. The bar should be balanced appropriately, make sure that the screws have a good and firm connection to the metal.

        G. During the previous operation (step F), place the rods into part 1 first and the other rod end into part 2 at the same time. Press both parts together and tighten the screws.

        Before you tighten the large top bar screws so that the frame feels firm and stable, push the frame parts together until the rod ends touch the inner slot wall of each part. After this, pull it about 1cm out from the slot wall before tightening the screws. This is to give the rods some leeway and ensure better automatic adjustment when scrolling.





        Put your rods with fabric into your Albert Stand. 

        H. Then take the USB cord (Part 5) and connect to the USB-C connector on the side of part 1. 

        I. Take the other end and connect to a USB A adapter with a max
        output of 2.1 Amp. (This adapter is not included. However, most homes will most likely already have this available in-house or can be easily acquired from the electronics department of your local store or online.) Note that you could also use an USB power bank if you want to use the frame outside your home or away from a power outlet.

        J. If you want to change to another rod length, just repeat the previous steps with longer/shorter square metal bars and extension adapter.

        K. There is also an USB A output port on the frame to support LED light and other equipment. Note that not every phone/ tablet will take charge from this port as they could be bind to use of specified cables and adapters from product vendor. From May 2022 this port is covered by a 2hubbies button. The reason for this is that we want to notice users of the port to be careful when connecting the plug to the port and angel the plug slightly when entering if needed to avoid damage of the port.


        Easy to assemble in a few minutes


        • Just take a part your existing frame
        • Put the rods in to the motor bar Part 1
        • Select the suitable bar size and adapter, Part 3 (No. 8 in the Stand overview)if required.
        • Put the counterpart of the rods into Part 2 and there after tighten the metal bars connections at the top
        • Make sure the metal bars are min. 6 cm in to the other part. 

        Operating the Albert frame 




        The Albert Stand part:                                                             



        NEW part 8:
        Sideways tilt flexible adapter replace part 8 in the above pictures and replace the old part 3 in the Albert Frame overview at the top of this page.


         A. Drop part 1 into part 2 and the other end of part 2 into part 3.

         B. Adjust the wide between the legs to what you want for your working position
             and tighten the screws.

         C. Insert part 4 into part 2 and tighten the screw quite hard. Make sure you keep
              a min. 1 cm distance from part 2 when tighten the screw.



        D. Drop part 5 into part 4 before tightening the screw.

        E. Drop part 6 on top of part 5 and tighten the screw in the desired working height
            for the frame. (Final adjustment described later)


        F. Drop part 7 on top of part 5 (above part 6) and tighten the screw in the desired  
            height position.
            Part 7 is designed for mounting accessories to support your workspace, like
            tablets, lamps, magnets etc.


         G. Push part 8 (mounting part for the Albert frame) into part 6 and tighten the
              screw when it is in the desired working length for the frame. (Also adjust the
              height of part 6 to match your desire working height for the Albert frame.) 

        Then you are ready for mounting your Albert frame…




        Mounting and adjusting the Albert Frame into the Albert Stand…


        1. The part 8 adapter is the middle part of your Albert Frame and the connection point between the frame and the stand.

        2. When you have connected fully your Albert Frame to the Stand, then you could adjust the angel of the frame when loosen the angel screw on part 8 and the tighten it in the desired position.



        1. To adjust the height of the frame, loosen the height screw on part 6, adjust   and tighten the screw at the desired height.

        2. To adjust the distance for the frame towards the stand, loosen the length adjustment on part 6 and tighten it at the desired length.



        Note:  You need tighten the screws to get the stand in the right angel and as stable as possible…        

        To store the Albert solution in a easy 2 steps way:

        The Albert Frame & Stand weight about 13,7 kg together

         Video instructions: https://2hubbies.com/pages/albert-key-benefit-videos

        Mounting the metal bars: