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        What colors will the Albert frame be delivered in?
        The standard color is Grey RAL7040

        What rods will fit in to the Albert frame?

        All rolls with a square end measure of max 3x3 cm and with a length between
        20 and 120 cm. You could also ad on an extention adapter in order to increase the length further. (The shortest once only work with the frame without the stand, for example used with Lowery stands)

        Is DHL the only shipping carrier your company use?
        Yes, we have standardized our shipping to DHL Express Global delivery

        Are your product produced and stored in Norway?
        Yes. At the moment, our production and storage facilities are located in the area close to Oslo, Norway.

        How long lead time do you normally have? 
        We normally ship within a week with a 7-10 days delivery time. Due to a limited
        production volume, delivery time may vary.

        Is your product hand-made in Norway?
        Yes, our production line is based on a lot of manual labor and a in rustic style. We use high-quality parts and have tested our prototypes for several hundred hours, all in order to secure a best-possible stitching experience for our Customers. We constantly improve our products so there could be some minor variations in the pictures compare to the products you recieve.

        What is the hight range for the frame using the Albert stand?
        The range is 26" - 47" (See also the video on the product page)

        How do I connect the USB power to the frame ?
        Use the USB-C end of the cable and connect to the frame carefully. The other end to a universal USB A adapter or USB wall outlet. (Not use other cable combinations)

        Is there a warranty on the Albert frame and stand?
        Yes, it is a 2 year full warranty incl. free shipment. There after we replace broken parts, only shipping cost apply.

        Why is one of the rectangle metal rod holders in a different length?
        To make it easier to get the rods in/out of the frame.

        Are rods included in the Albert Frame & Stand package?
        Yes, from March 2024, 58 cm Albert click rods are included