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        2Hubbies was established by two "hubbies" that became involved in their wives’ hobby - cross stitching. It started with us being asked if there were possibilities for a more efficient way to assemble/disassemble the most common stitching frames, so they could move up and down the fabric they worked on with more ease. Not only did we manage to solve this, but we also made the whole assembly/disassembly routine superfluous. With the Albert frame, one could set up the fabric once and then effectively just roll up and down the fabric to one’s preferred spot by pressing a switch and tighten it with another one. 

         When we made the first prototype and our wives got to try them, they learned that one could also just scroll to the backside of the recently stitched spot and attach the thread there, instead of turning the whole frame around for the same operation (please see our demo video on our web site for more details). By not needing to turn the frame around for attaching the thread, you get more time to do the stitching itself. This, in turn, makes the stitching process more fun and streamlined.

        We wanted to bring this great benefit to all stitchers around the world and have therefore established a family business with a focus on making stitching more fun.

        Since early 2021, we have been hard at work with the designs, testing and adjustments of our prototypes. The product we now present to you is hand made by the two hubbies themselves, with a high-quality tested standard.


        The two "hubbies" of 2Hubbies

        Here is a picture of "next phase" development...