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        Dear stitcher 

        If you search for Albert in the Cross stitch stand and frame group on Facebook, you will find comments and user suggestions for the Albert frame and stand solution. (Also look at the Album side under media files in the same Facebook group)





        Love Albert, Love 2Hubbies

        Mojo's mom on Jun 1, 2024

        I have had my stand for just over a month and I LOVE it! I also am very happy with the magnetic rods that are included now! My first project I am doing on the stand - the fabric is 42 inches wide. What a joy to see the whole width of the design. I live part time in two states. I love this stand so much I am buying another one so I have one at each house. That is saying something about my love for the product. Also the customer service is stellar. They respond quickly given the time difference of where I live(USA) and where they are(Norway) to all the various questions I had. I encountered an issue with a piece of my stand and they sent a replacement right away, free of charge. This is a wonderful "company"!!! If you are hesitant about buying this product...don't hesitate!!!




        Amazing!! 10/10

        Jill Beck on Apr 18, 2024

        First, I have to say that shipping was so fast. I live in the States and I assumed it would take a couple weeks to get to me. Nope. Less than a week and it was at my door. A day earlier than projected even! It arrived in perfect condition. 2Hubbies didn't skimp on the packaging and it really paid off. When I opened the box, I'd never have guessed it came to me from across the pond. It in perfect condition. I've had Albert for all of 7 hours and 'm already obsessed! I get perfect tension and it's so easy to adjust and/or rotate the fabric to get to the back. I had no problem putting it together. After my purchase, I received an email with links to instructions and videos that were very helpful. Even without that, I feel like it has a very intuitive design and is easy to use. The rods it comes with are fantastic! Really easy to adjust your fabric to ensure it's mounted properly for even tension from side to side. I get perfect tension with the Albert. I thought I wouldn't get it as snug as I prefer when using my millennium frame, but it's perfect. I also tested my millennium rods and they fit great! It is a snug fit and it shaved off a little bit when I installed/uninstalled them, but it's no big deal. Hubby says he can sand them down ever so slightly to avoid it if I was concerned about it. I'll continue to use it for the upcoming weeks and months and provide a follow up review, but I couldn't be more delighted with my purchase! Thank you 2Hubbies!



        Absolutely amazing!

        Kimberly on Dec 13, 2022

        This is without question, the best cross stitch purchase I have ever made! I debated for awhile about upgrading the stand and frame that I had been using and I am so glad that I did! I ended up buying the stand, frame, arm rest and swing away adapter and it is a complete game changer! The fabric is absolutely drum tight and the infinite amount of personal adjustments that can be made are incredible. The few questions that I had were answered quickly and thoroughly. My husband and I had no difficulties putting all of the parts together and I am still adjusting things to my liking, but I know, without a doubt, this will be the last cross stitch stand that I will ever buy. Thank you to everyone for making such a wonderful product and sharing it with all of us!


        Albert frame

        Karen Long on Jun 02, 2022

        The best thing I have purchased in a very long time. I have tried so many frames and they were all inadequate in one way or another. In comes the Albert frame and voila, all problems solved! I use it with two Lowry stands that I attached rollers to! My stitching is so much faster because I never have to stop to roll my work, never have to turn my work over, and the tension is always drum tight. The Albert frame brings me joy every time I stitch. Well worth the cost! If you don’t have one start saving and buy yourself an Albert frame!


        Best Stand Out There!!

        Hindsight on May 20, 2022

        I have purchased almost every stand out there, and there is nothing in the same universe as the Albert stand and frame. Yes, it is expensive, but this thing is the “Hummer” of needlework stands - you could run over it with a bulldozer and it wouldn’t have a dent. It truly will last a lifetime. Albert & 2Hubbies have created a brilliant design, and the add-ons are just as brilliant. No one in the industry is doing anything like this!! You won’t regret the purchase!!


        Awesome stitching solution

        Bianca on May 18, 2022

        Have been using the Albert stand and frame for a couple of months now and absolutely love it.

        The tightness of the fabric is amazing. I give the bar a little twist after it has come to a full stop and it makes it drum solid all across the fabric. Love, love it. That's probably what I love the most.

        I am the first one that bought the side adapter and after some help from 2hubbies we figured out how to put it together. It works great and am now able to stitch from my recliner.

        All in all I absolutely love the Albert solution and think it was money extremely well spent. I hope to have it for many years.

        Should you have questions or like a personal reference, please feel free to ask 2hubbies for my email address and contact me. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.


        Love my stand!

        Bhooma Aravamudan on Mar 14, 2022

        I have been using the stand for a few months now and I absolutely love it! Initially it took me a little while to get used to using the frame but once I did I am thrilled with it. I love that I am able to finish the thread easily without having to flip the frame. I love the tension I get and I don't have to twist any knobs or remove the frame from the stand. Their customer service is outstanding. When I had a minor issue with my stand they responded immediately and helped me solve the issue.


        Love this stand!

        on Dec 16, 2021

        I have been using the stand and frame for about a month, and I love it! It arrived to me in the USA less than 10 days after I ordered it. It was beautifully packaged and put together fairly easily and quickly. I am using it to stitch full coverage patterns. I like to do cross country stitching and love the way I can get to any part of the pattern very very easily and quickly without having to take it off the stand to adjust. I love the tension and I love that I don't have to try and tighten side rods by hand. My only challenge has been to learn how to start and finish threads as much as possible by staying on top of the fabric, which can be a little challenging with confetti, but I'm learning. You can get to the back by scrolling and finish that way, but if you need to get the back it is a little more challenging than just flipping the frame like you can with other stands. I have finally learned how to do a pin stitch finish but I still like to get to the back occasionally. The stand is fully adjustable, so it is adaptable to most seating situations. The feet are quite wide. 2 Hubbies has been very responsive answering any questions I had. It is a little more expensive than some of the other frame and stand options availabl , but for something I use everyday and how much more enjoyable and easy it makes my stitching, it is worth every penny to me!


        Best cross stitch set up ever

        Vickie Miller on Oct 02, 2021

        Best frame I ever used. Makes cross stitching a dream. No more tugging to keep wip tight and to be able to roll to check the back is a plus. Fast shipping to the states and easy to assemble, I put it together myself only needed hubby to tighten things up. Great customer service even stayed in touch after purchase to make sure I liked it and if I had any questions. Best investment I ever made. Buy it you won't regret it.